Judge, Ceramics Section, Koestler Foundation Exhibition, We Are All Human, Spirit Level, Royal Festival Hall, 15 September - 13 November

Curator and exhibiting artist, Curious Body, 1b Charterhouse Square EC1 N^E

My work is now being stocked by Maud and Mabel! 10 Perrins Court NW3 1QS

Bone Ash

Bone ash is a white material caused by the calcination of animal bones. The raw material for bone china is about 50% bone ash.

This is an ancestral portrait.

An ashy skeleton of a vessel which swallows and is swallowed.

What remains to be seen are a golden ring and necklace sequestered within bowls and beakers. These
treasures are not grave goods (valuables interred with their owners) but outward signs of experience.

May 21st 2016: workers at the Auschwitz Museum found a gold ring and necklace that has be care-
fully wrapped in canvas before being concealed in a false base. There is no means of identifying the
owners on these heirlooms

The ceramic vessels show off the traces of their making. Like a person’s character, they are animated
by marks of throwing, turning, chattering. They are an x-ray or archeological observation of
imperfections and accidents.

Abigail Schama, 2016